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Thursday, November 27, 2008

BFL - The Turkey Day Version

So it's Thanksgiving and I could sleep in today... But my body had other ideas so both Tom and I were up by 6:00 am today. But then we realized that we needed to make our picks for this week! So maybe our bodies woke us up for that highly important activity.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!

Tennessee @ Detroit
Seattle @ Dallas
Arizona @ Philadelphia

San Francisco @ Buffalo
Baltimore @ Cincinnati
Indianapolis @ Cleveland
Carolina @ Green Bay
Miami @ St. Louis
New Orleans @ Tampa Bay
NY Giants @ Washington

Atlanta @ San Diego
Denver @ NY Jets
Pittsburgh @ New England
Kansas City @ Oakland

Chicago @ Minnesota

Monday Night
Jacksonville @ Houston
Total points: 48

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BFL - Week 12

Well, I didn't win last week, but I didn't lose either. Boy, were there some weird games this past week! A tie? A stinkin' tie?!? :) Any way, here are my picks for Week 12. Wish me luck!

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh

Chicago @ St. Louis
Houston @ Cleveland
NY Jets @ Tennessee
New England @ Miami
Buffalo @ Kansas City
Minnesota @ Jacksonville
Tampa Bay @ Detroit
San Francisco @ Dallas
Philadelphia @ Baltimore

Oakland @ Denver
Washington @ Seattle
NY Giants @ Arizona
Carolina @ Atlanta

Indianapolis @ San Diego

Green Bay @ New Orleans
Total Score: 44

[Final Tally - 11-5 for the week]

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holy cow, is it Thursday already?!?

So the Late Fall term at school started yesterday (yeah, we have these bizarre nine week terms five times a year - it sucks) and my life has been utter chaos the last 48 or so hours. I just sat down on the couch after assembling my down-and-dirty chili and realized it was Thursday... and I still needed to make my picks.

NY Jets @ New England

Denver @ Atlanta
Detroit @ Carolina
Minnesota @ Tampa Bay
Baltimore @ NY Giants
Oakland @ Miami
New Orleans @ Kansas City
Philadelphia @ Cincinnati
Chicago @ Green Bay
Houston @ Indianapolis

St. Louis @ San Francisco
Arizona @ Seattle
Tennessee @ Jacksonville
San Diego @ Pittsburgh

Dallas @ Washington

Cleveland @ Buffalo
Total Score: 44

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tale of Vacationing BFL Members

I dare say Tom and I are the only ones making our picks for this week while driving between the Disney Cruise Line terminal and Disney’s Boardwalk Inn at Walt Disney World. I will also say that both sest of picks were made very quickly and without the usual research usually done before making our past winning BFL picks. Such is the life of a BFLer on vacation. :)

Denver at Cleveland

Tennessee at Chicago
Jacksonville at Detroit
Seattle at Miami
Green Bay at Minnesota
Baltimore at Houston
St. Louis at N.Y. Jets
New Orleans at Atlanta
Buffalo at New England

Carolina at Oakland
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh
Kansas City at San Diego

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia

San Francisco at Arizona
Tiebreaker: 37

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Diversions

Did you hear a giant sigh from Cincinnati about 3:30 on Friday? That was a sigh of relief from Tom and I as we were pulling away from home and heading to Florida for a Disney cruise with my parents and my aunt & uncle. After almost having to walk a picket line this last Monday, this is a much needed vacation. So, tomorrow, Tom and I will be watching the games in Diversions, the wonderful sports bar on the Disney Wonder. Ahhhhhh...

NFL Week Nine

NY Jets @ Buffalo
Detroit @ Chicago
Jacksonville @ Cincinnati
Baltimore @ Cleveland
Tampa Bay @ Kansas City
Houston @ Minnesota
Arizona @ St. Louis
Green Bay @ Tennessee
Miami @ Denver
Dallas @ NY Giants
Atlanta @ Oakland
Philadelphia @ Seattle
New England @ Indianapolis

Monday Night:
Pittsburgh @ Washington
Total score: 37