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Friday, October 24, 2008

Here we go again!

So, three weeks ago, I tied with AmyInOhio, but she beat me on the tie breaker. Two weeks ago, I tied with Mo. And last week, my fabulous husband won the whole shebang! So this week, maybe Tom and I will tie... Nah... we always pick different games too often.

NFL Week Eight

Oakland @ Baltimore
Arizona @ Carolina
Tampa Bay @ Dallas
Washington @ Detroit
Buffalo @ Miami
St. Louis @ New England
San Diego @ New Orleans
Kansas City @ NY Jets
Atlanta @ Philadelphia
Cleveland @ Jacksonville
Cincinnati @ Houston
NY Giants @ Pittsburgh
Seattle @ San Francisco

Indianapolis @ Tennessee
Total score: 37

Saturday, October 18, 2008

We are the Champions...

I tied for first two weeks, but lost to Amy in Ohio on the tie breaker. Last week, it was a honest-to-goodness tie, even the tie breaker was a tie! So, both Mo from One Ping Only and I are the MVPs (see my shining badge to the right). Let's keep this streak going!

NFL Week Seven

San Diego @ Buffalo
New Orleans @ Carolina
Minnesota @ Chicago
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
Tennessee @ Kansas City
Baltimore @ Miami
San Francisco @ NY Giants
Dallas @ St. Louis
Detroit @ Houston
Indianapolis @ Green Bay
NY Jets @ Oakland
Cleveland @ Washington
Seattle @ Tampa Bay

Denver @ New England
Total score: 37

Friday, October 10, 2008

W00t! W00t!

I tied for first last week... and Amy in Ohio squeaked out a victory on the tie breaker. So, I'm going to try to pick 'em this week like I picked 'em last week!

NFL Week Six

Baltimore @ Indianapolis
Miami @ Houston
Chicago @ Atlanta
Detroit @ Minnesota
Oakland @ New Orleans
Cincinnati @ NY Jets
Carolina @ Tampa Bay
St. Louis @ Washington
Jacksonville @ Denver
Dallas @ Arizona
Philadelphia @ San Francisco
Green Bay @ Seattle
New England @ San Diego

NY Giants @ Cleveland

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Week Five BFL Picks

Well, I was a tiny bit better last week (7-6) and my Bears did beat Tom's Eagles on Sunday night so he had to buy me dinner (pad thai - very yummy). And since my Cubs seem to be going down in flames (once again), I might as well concentrate on football. And, some day, I'll even concentrate better on my trash talking. Really! There were a lot of really tough picks this week. Oh, and by the way, Tom and I only compare our picks AFTER they are done. No marital advantage here!

Tennessee @ Baltimore (Could they both lose? Please??)
Kansas City @ Carolina
Chicago @ Detroit
Atlanta @ Green Bay
Indianapolis @ Houston
San Diego @ Miami
Seattle @ NY Giants
Washington @ Philadelphia
Tampa Bay @ Denver
Buffalo @ Arizona
Cincinnati @ Dallas
New England @ San Francisco
Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville

Minnesota @ New Orleans

[UPDATE Tuesday morning: Final record for this week is 10-4, but Amy in Ohio is closer on the tie breaker. I'll take second place after the last few weeks!]