Sometimes this diet amazes me

I’m already thinking today may be a multiple post day. We slept in today after a really late night at the ball park yesterday (slow game + power outage = getting home at midnight). But, not surprisingly, the first thing I did was get on the scale. I’m down another 2.6 pounds for a total of 8.6 pounds lost since Tuesday. Wow! I was a bit lightheaded this morning so I had my first shake at 10 am. Much better after the shake and some coffee. It looks like it’s going to be a lazy Saturday (yippee!). We’re just watching Live Earth and we may go to a movie later on. It’s great seeing the scale go down, but I’m really looking forward to my clothes fitting better.


Me too!

As of this morning, I’m down six pounds! Woo hoo! I had lots of errands to run this morning and that helped distract me from being hungry. I picked up a new Brita water pitcher to help with the bad water taste. Also got some new BIG “sippy cups” with a core you freeze to keep the liquid cool. We’ve got another ball game tonight so they should come in handy.

I think the key for getting through the weekend is keeping busy. Maybe seeing another movie or maybe miniature golf…


Damn I’m hungry

I knew the first week was going to be bad. A low-grade hunger pretty much all day. The shakes don’t suck the way I said they did yesterday. I think our water here at the apartment is less than stellar; I used bottled water at work and they tasted much better. Carla was kind enough to give me the day off from working the Freedom since I had to be at work at 6 AM this morning. Came home early. Took a two-hour nap. Will still be in bed within the hour. Unfortunately Carla did schedule herself and there was — of course — a rain delay. The game got going an hour late. Yesterday it was two, but that only pushed the start time until 6 PM.

I think I have one more shake….had one at 10:30 and 11:30 AM. Then some soup at about 2-ish. Then the nap. Had a shake at 4:30 and 7:30. Yep, one left.

The fact I’m hungry means it’s working. Gotta remember that.

2nd Day on the Diet

Okay, one of the upsides of this diet is that during the first few weeks, you almost literally drop off the weight. My proof? I stepped on the scale this morning and I’m already down about two pounds. Which is a good thing since I woke up hungry. I’m trying to use my shake timing strategy from the last time: Drink coffee until noon, have first shake at noon and the rest at two hour intervals after that. It worked great yesterday. But then, we slept in yesterday. Today, Tom had to be at the hospital by 6:00 am so we were up at 5 am. That’s seven very long hours before noon. I didn’t make it until noon, but I did manage to hold off until 11:30 am. I keep telling myself… “I’ve already lost two pounds. I’ve already lost two pounds.” It doesn’t make me any less hungry, but it is helping my will power.


Day Zero

So the shakes still suck. Nice to know some things don’t change.

Maybe that’s not completely fair — it’s not like they’re “gag this down” bad, but there’s an aftertaste. Sort of a medicine-y finish.

“I detect notes of Pyridoxine Hydrochloride with overtones of Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate with a clean finish of Dipotassium Phosphate.”

Yes, those are Actual Ingredientstm!

And that’s just the chocolate. Can’t wait to try the strawberry.

“Mmmmmm….FD&C; Red #40.”

In all seriousness, the trick is to use cold water. Very cold water. Blow some ice through a blender with two shake packets, and it’s not a bad milkshake.

So I guess the way this is going to work is that we’ll weigh in on Wednesdays at a local YMCA (though the program is run by a local hospital).

Coming soon: My “before” picture!

Official Starting Weight: 433 434 lb (taken yesterday afternoon)
Home Scale: 425 lb (this morning)

The journey has begun…

We’ve been anticipating this day for several weeks now and it finally arrived. All the tests are over (my cholesterol has inched up to 216) and we met with the doctor (really liked her!). Tomorrow, we’re back on the shakes. But here’s the good side – no more “What do you want for dinner?” “I don’t know, what do you want for dinner?” There’s something nice about not having to worry about meals for a while. But the best part is knowing that the weight is going to come off quickly. I found my old weigh-in records and can only hope to do as well this time. I am starting about six pounds higher than 2002, but such is life.

Here comes the hardest part:

Official Starting Weight: 281 lb (This afternoon)
Home Scale: 278 lb (This morning)