The Next Step

Things that prove my summer was beyond busy:

1. My TMJ came back with a vengeance.

2. That pile of papers I’ve been meaning to sort was still not sorted.

3. I haven’t blogged here since July 24th.


But, now, it’s almost officially fall and things are looking better. My TMJ is much better since I finished teaching the accelerated classes this summer and my school has officially switched to semesters. The pile of papers has been sorted and organized. Just waiting to file some and shred the rest. On the weight loss side, I gained about two pounds from our weekend trip to Louisville, but lost a bit of that and have kept the other 15 pounds off. Yay me!

But, here’s the big thing. I’m taking this to the next step this week. First of all, we finally started getting to the Y to exercise in the pool again. It felt so good and it’s always nice to see our morning pool friends again. As of August, we’ve been members of the R.C. Durr Y for five years! Wow…

Second, I’m finally going to be working with a YMCA personal trainer for a while. Her name is Lori and we meet for the first time this afternoon. She’s going to set me up with their ActivTrax program and especially help me with strength training and toning. Stepping into an unknown gym or workout area can be both confusing and overwhelming. I’m so glad that I’ll have a personal trainer with me to show me what to so and I’, very excited about the possibilities!

It is totally appropriate that my first session with Lori happens to be the same day as my annual check up with my doctor. It was so nice to be able to tell my plans for getting back in the habit of working out at the Y pool and adding more exercise with Lori’s help. She was also happy to hear that I have a support group like Cincinnati Losers in place to help with this next step.

So, fifteen pounds down… Time to knock out the next fifteen!





Disclosure: The YMCA was kind enough to provide me free use of a personal trainer so that, as a long time Y member, I could experience more of what the Y has has to offer. I’ll be chronicling my efforts here at Diminishing Returns and periodically on our other blog, Hoperatives. You can also follow along on Twitter at the hashtag #WhyTheY

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  1. I don’t think I knew you had this blog. Congrats on 5 years at the Y! Very cool that you’re working with a trainer, it’s always nice to have an inside edge on these things.

    You won’t need this, but maybe your friends are interested. With your BCPL library card you can get a $100 program credit (it’s only good at Durr and only during September because it is library card sign-up month).

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