Week One of the October Odyssey

Gene Autry

Both Tom and I got on the scales this morning and had pretty good news. Tom was down another 1.5 pounds for a total of 5 lost this week and I was exactly the same which means I didn’t gain over the weekend for a total of 2 lost. We got 40 minutes of exercising in the pool this morning plus five minutes of stretching. We’re shooting for an hour tomorrow. I’m on shakes today to try and jump start things a bit plus it’s just grilled chicken and salad for dinner tonight. It certainly feels like we’re “back in the saddle again.”


The October Odyssey

Thanks to sinuses and the joy that is living in the Ohio Valley, Tom and I were not up to working out yesterday. We planned to go this morning, but decided to concentrate on cleaning up and generally fixing up the condo. We need to finish unpacking our books, start actually hanging things on the walls and unpacking more boxes. Today’s college football offerings are less than stellar so there’s no distraction there. The laundry is already going and our Blogger Football League picks are done. I get my hair cut at noon and the best part? Tom’s making chili! Proof that it is October! Yeah! Chili!


Day Two

What a day… Both Tom and I were slow getting going this morning, but we did make it to the Y. Since we only had 35 minutes to work out, we tread water for 15 minutes and jogged for 10 and then Tom did chair kicks while I did crunches for five. Stretches and out. We both bumped up the intensity level and we could really feel it.

I had my usual Kashi bar on the way into school, but I was starving in no time so I ate my pad thai leftovers at about 10:00. It was probably a good thing since it was non-stop chaos until 2:30 when I finally went to the bakery got a bagel sandwich. I did get a bag of chips to go with it, but I knew I would need more than the sandwich to hold me until I got home at 8:30 or so.

It’s now 7:25 and my online Interpersonal Communication students are starting to finish up their midterm exams. Tom’s grilling chicken breasts and tossing a salad for dinner. As of this morning, I was down two pounds since Monday. Tom’s down a bit more than that. As easy as it would have been to blow off working out this morning, we didn’t. I think we may be getting back on track.


October is…

I’ve set a goal for myself for the month of October. I want to lose ten pounds by October 31st. I didn’t pick the 31st because it’s Halloween. I picked it because we start our Disney Cruise – Walt Disney World (or maybe Princess Cruise) trip that afternoon. As of this Monday morning, I was up 29 pounds from my lowest point this year. That means, as of that moment, I had put back on half of the weight I had worked so hard to lose and it made me mad. So, while we were working out this morning, I made up my mind to lose at least ten pounds before I go on another cruise (which was how I started gaining back the weight in May).

The first step is to work out in the pool a minimum of five days a week. We’re already at three times for this week so just two more to go and maybe Saturday as a bonus. I also want to add another form of exercise to the water fitness. This may include walking, yoga or even belly dancing! I just took a tour of the Cincinnati State fitness facilities with the new Fitness Director so I may start going down there again.

The next step is to quit getting food out of the vending machines! I recently admitted to food laziness on Twitter when it came to choosing restaurants (franchise restaurants are lazy choices because they are everywhere). The ultimate food laziness though has to be going to the vending machine. I should be beat into a fine pulp with every Alton Brown cookbook I own for doing such a thing. I need to cook more at home and take leftovers for lunch.

The final step is the big picture. I need to take better care of me. I don’t like how my clothes fit now, I don’t like my lack of energy when I don’t exercise and I don’t like how eating crappy food makes me feel… well, crappy! I’m no good to anyone else when I’m like that and I’m definitely no good to me. Part of being good to me is blogging more. I’ve discovered I like this form of writing and I like what it does for me. So plan to see more here!

It’s a new month and time for a new me!