Yeah, I’m still here too

The fact that I’m up 20 pounds since hitting my low probably has a lot to do with why I’ve not been posting. The blog is my browser’s default page, so it’s always there to greet me with a reproachful gaze of abandonment when I fire up the web. I think ScribeFire (a lovely Firefox blogging extension that I highly recommend) has updated about 12 times since I last posted. Yep, it’s been a long time.

(“Reproachful gaze of abandonment”? Pretty good for a Saturday morning, eh? I’ve been listening to Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton for a couple of months on my iPod — it’s something like 35 hours long — and the language of that era has gotten into my head. I’ve been dying to work the word “calumny” into casual conversation: “Your comments about how I refactored my C# code is a calumny, sir, and I shall not stand for it!”)

So much of keeping weight off (or putting it on, for that matter) seems to be about routine, and routine has been hard to maintain this past few weeks. That’s not quite right: healthy routine has been difficult to maintain. Life has been difficult to manage, what with the move and upheavals at both of our places of employment. We have all of our stuff over here now, and now we need to start living the life we want to live.

There are a few rules we’ve decided to live by that we need to start actually living by. We’ll ignore the fact that I’m breaking Rule #1 right now:

  1. Meals are eaten at a table, not in a chair in the living room. Meals are something that you stop and do, not do while doing something else. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth stopping everything else to do it.
  2. Laptop power supplies are not allowed in the living room. That means you can only work as long as you have battery. Then you have to go do something else (or move somewhere else where plugging in is allowed — like the basement). This is to prevent us from becoming like the human characters in Wall-E.
  3. The Roomba gets run at least once a week, preferably twice. That way we have to keep the living room picked up.
  4. The day isn’t done until the spills are wiped up and the dishes are out of the sink and off the counters.
  5. We’re never to be more than one hour of straightening up away from being able to invite people over. And less is better.

For myself, I have to figure out the breakfast thing. I’ve been stopping for fast food on the way into work way too much lately. If I get something substantial in the morning, I have a much easier time making good choices during the day. This is one I need to work on.

Oh, and I need to blog more often. For one thing, it makes sense to start focusing as much on the “returns” part of the title as the “diminishing.” part. And there are so many.

A better day…

So today seems to be going better. Knock wood, we should be done cleaning out the apartment tonight. Had to go to Target to get a heavy-duty roller mop and floor cleaner. Hopefully, it will do the trick.

The basement looks amazing with the new paint and touch-ups. We love the work so much, Mark is coming back to do a bit more tomorrow. (If you live in Northern Kentucky, email us for Mark’s phone number. He’s so good!)

I was down again weight wise and now, I’m down over five pounds for the week. Food-wise, I had a double shake for breakfast and got a grilled chicken sandwich from Burger King for lunch. Once again, we missed walking this morning because we were so damn tired from all the cleaning yesterday. Hope to make it back on track tomorrow.

Before and after pictures of the basement soon!


An “Oy vey” Day…

So the phone rang at 4:59 this morning. That’s actually one minute before our alarm usually used off so it wasn’t too bad, but it was the hospital help desk calling to see if Tom could help with a videoconferencing problem they were having. Unfortunately, he’s not really the backup person for that and couldn’t help. But he did get a hold of the person who truly is the backup person and told him what was going on.

After that was solved, we noticed it was raining. No walking for us today, especially since much of our route is on rather steep, grassy slopes. We had our shakes and started our days. And the power went out just before 10:00 and stayed off for almost 90 minutes. For the first time, I realized that, with a garage door opener, I was stuck unless I wanted to pull the emergency release. No, thanks… I’ll just wait.

Had the last two tortillas for lunch (one with super-sharp cheddar and Miracle Whip Light and the other with butter and hagel (Dutch version of chocolate sprinkles – eaten on bread… really! Check the link!). Now, I desperately want more food. Oy…

Will update later in the day…


The day didn’t get much better as I tried to have a reasonable conversation with the idiots working in the office at our soon-to-be former apartment complex. If you or anyone you care about is thinking about renting from Paddock Club Apartments in Florence, KY… RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!



So Tom and I haven’t posted here since June 11th. Since then, we started looking for a house or condo, hired a realtor, taught summer classes for the first time, found a great condo, got a mortgage, celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, closed on the condo, moved ourselves, got sick, hosted our first guests… and gained about 20 pounds each. But, yesterday, we went back on the shakes (doing a 4 shakes plus one healthy meal plan) and this morning, I was down 3.2 pounds. Not too bad..

Besides not always making healthy food choices lately, we haven’t been as religious about working out. This week, the Y is doing their annual cleaning of the pool so water fitness is out. We’ve been walking instead, taking an approximately 2.5 mile route through the condo development and the adjoining county park that takes us about 50 minutes. Also, not too bad…

Not surprisingly, our first goal is to get back to where we were in late April and early May. After that, it’s on to our big goals. As we go, I’m following some Twitter friends on their newly launched blog at It’s already been fun getting seven new perspectives on losing weight in Cincinnati.

That’s what’s going on with us… What’s new with you?!?

Carla and Tom