Entering Phase Two

It’s been a long time since we posted and, while we were away traveling here and there, Tom and I did a lot of thinking about our involvement with the liquid diet at this point. A few posts back, I said that we were going to enter the six week re-feed stage today. Due to several factors (some ours, some others), we have quit the liquid diet as of today. Since we still have about sixteen boxes (or about 112 shakes) left, we’re going to do our own version of re-feed and slowly start adding regular food back into our diet and ease off the shakes.

We’re also going to really concentrate on the exercise portion of our lifestyle change. We’re looking to hire personal trainers to help bump things up a notch in that regard.

There will be a change to the Loss-O-Meter since we’ll be using just our home scale from now on. But, it also means it can be updated at any time, not just on Weigh-in Wednesdays.

There is definitely a sense of being free or even unshackled at this point. Instead of being told that our weight loss isn’t good enough or isn’t the way they think it should be done, we’re going to keep going our way. We’re still heading towards our goals, just on our terms.


Week 44 Weigh-in

As predicted, I was up at weigh-in. Seven pounds to be exact. Tom was up 1.2 pounds. But the thing that really hit us yesterday is that we are burnt out on this diet. We’re still enjoying exercising and miss it when we can’t, but we are so tired of the liquid diet. So, when we weigh in next on May 28th, we’re going to officially start the refeed process. It’s basically six weeks of easing off the diet. If we start on May 28th, we finish on July 2nd (almost exactly a year after starting).

Official Weight (after forty-four weeks): 230.0 lbs – loss of 51.0 pounds
Home Scale (after forty-four weeks): 228.2 lbs – loss of 49.8 pounds

Official Weight (after forty-four weeks): 343.0 – loss of 91.0 pounds
Home Scale (after forty-four weeks): 340.4 – loss of 84.4 pounds


The Wages of Travel

I was gone most of last week as I attended some training at Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line. I knew I was going to be up, but I wasn’t expecting how much… 6.4 pounds! 1.6 of it was gone this morning, but I’m going to still have a sizable gain tomorrow at weigh in. Not good… Plus, Tom and I are both going to miss the next two weigh ins due to travel. It’s been hard getting back on shakes this time and it didn’t help that I forgot to clean out my school shaker last time I was here so it reeks. That meant lunch from the cafeteria. I’ve been having mixed feelings about the liquid diet lately and this all may be extensions of that. I think I mainly need to really get back into the exercise routine so I can get that endorphin rush to tide me over.