Wow! People are reading us!

Back when we started this blog, we only knew for sure that two people beside us were reading it (Hi Annette! Hi Melinda!). In fact, I remember quoting Pink Floyd’s line about “Hello? Is anybody out there?” at one point.

In the last week, we’ve actually gotten comments from people we don’t even know! Well, we know them now (Hi westender! Hi daniel!) and it’s really given us some impetus to blog more.

We had lots of fun this past weekend at the Midwest Winter Beer Festival. We probably had too much fun calorie-wise, but you need that every once in a while. Today, it’s back to shakes and pushing the water intake. We were back in the pool at the Y at 6:45 this morning. And, since the clock has been missing there for a month, I took it upon myself to replace it. Much better now! And it’s an atomic clock so the time will always be correct. 🙂


Time to cowboy up

I just went back and read the January 13 post again, and while all the stuff about being happy is true (and there’s something I can’t talk about right now that’s making me even happier the last couple of days), I’m still dancing with 350 more than a month later. Beer Festival today (I’m driving, so I can’t be too bad), but some serious compliance is on tap (so to speak) for me,

Week 33 Weigh-in

I just realized that I may have lived in Terre Haute too long… I can’t look at the number 33 without thinking of Larry Bird. After a month of illness and travel, we’re inching back to our milestones. Only 1.6 pounds for me to hit the 50 pounds lost mark and only 2.4 pounds for Tom to hit 350 officially. Now, of course, we’d really like to slam through those so we’re going to work at it these next two weeks.

And by the next time we weigh in, February will be gone! Yippee! Bring on spring! We’re actually looking forward to walking on the weekends when it gets warm enough. I always look forward to spring, but this has to be the first time I’ve been looking forward to a certain exercise! 🙂

Official Weight (after thirty-three weeks): 232.6 lb – loss of 48.4 pounds
Home Scale (after thirty-three weeks): 230.8 lb – loss of 47.2 pounds

Official Weight (after thirty-three weeks): 352.4 lb – loss of 81.6 pounds
Home Scale (after thirty-three weeks): 350.0 – loss of 75.0 pounds


Blog = Reflection of Life

I wish I could say “I can’t believe it’s been 10 days since I’ve blogged,” but I know how crazy the last ten days have been. Ever since Tom and I got sick in mid-January and then had our annual Walt Disney World trip soon there after, all sense of “normal” has been shot to hell. I’ll try to get things up to date again…

1. When we weighed in on February 6th, our weight gain wasn’t as bad as it first looked. Basically, we were both up 2.5 pounds. Not great, but not terrible either.

2. Karen at St. Luke’s has let us switch to only weighing in every two weeks. This will save us about $148 a month which is important as we get ready to hopefully buy a house or condo this year. So, our next official weigh-in is next Wednesday, February 20th.

3. After almost a month, we’re both finally feeling okay after fighting various waves of the cold/flu. We had another wave last weekend and, unlike before, we actually gave into our cravings and ate. It seems to have been the right thing to do, because we both felt better faster. That’s something to remember for the future.

4. Our May Disney Cruise Line trip has been postponed until November and one of the main reasons was we didn’t want to face the amount of food that a cruise tends to mean. Instead, we’re doing a night in Asheville, four nights at Vero Beach, a night at Universal’s Portofino Bay and then two night at Disney’s Beach Club. We’ll have a full kitchen at Vero so we’ll have more control over what we eat there. Now, the very day we decided to postpone the cruise, I found out I could do some travel agent training with DCL in late April/early May. But, I’m going to be very, very good on this trip (especially since Tom won’t be getting to cruise with me). I see many laps around Deck Four on that trip for me…

Tom and I are still hovering close to major milestones: 50 pounds lost for me and below 350 for Tom. It’s time to kick it back in gear, even when it’s a pain in the butt! 😉


Long time, no blog…

Wow, you can tell Tom and I have been sick and then traveling the last few weeks. Tom got the killer cold first and I have been running about a week behind him. Exercising and diet shakes are not high on your priority list when you feel like crap. We ate lots of soup and concentrated on getting through until it was time to leave for Florida. The trip was great, but we ended up taking things slow since I was still recovering. We did both gain weight (7.4 pounds for me and 10 for Tom), but we’re really curious to see what the scale says tomorrow when we have a day of compliance and pushing the liquids again under our belt. We don’t have any big trips planned until the end of May so hopefully we can make some major progress in the weeks to come.