All treats, no tricks

A very nice weigh-in today… And once again, the home scale and the Nutrimed scale don’t agree on the amount of weight loss.

Official Weight (after seventeen weeks): 242.4 lb – loss of 38.6 pounds
Home Scale (after seventeen weeks): 241.2 lb – loss of 36.8 pounds

Official Weight (after seventeen weeks): 370.4 lb – loss of 62.6 pounds
Home Scale (after seventeen weeks): 369.0 lb – loss of 56.0 pounds


Pajama Saturday

Okay, I woke up this morning and the scale was my friend again. Down 2.2 pounds. That means all the Disney damage is gone plus 1.8 pounds more. It feels so good. I’ve noticed a pattern where I lose a little bit for two weeks and then a larger amount on the third week. This is the third week. I would love to get below 240 before the Disney cruise.

Official Weight (after fifteen weeks): 246.8 lb – loss of 34.2 pounds
Home Scale (after sixteen weeks and three days): 242.8 lb – loss of 35.2 pounds


My results

I’m up 3.2 pounds from Disney and other conference related food. That’s less than the cruise and we have longer to get rid of it. I’m thinking a good portion of it may be from not pushing the liquids as much. The next few days will be very compliant as we compensate for this trip and prepare for the next one.

If you Twitter, both Tom and I started during this trip. Look for RadioCarla and tom_streeter to follow.


I’ll take it

Up two pounds. Considering some of the crap I ate down there, I’ll take it. It’ll be gone by the weekend, if not before. It’s early in the morning and we have to get to the pool, but let me just say that I’ve never been to Walt Disney World where walking around was so little effort — no stopping to rest every five minutes. I think we only stopped when we needed to get into some shade. It’s like having a new toy. I also know for a fact that boredom is my enemy when it comes to eating. When we were hauling ass around the parks I was well in control. Plop me in a boring session and I start thinking food, hungry or not. Luckily it never got past the thinking stage because at this particular conference they were good about clearing out the food and not leaving stuff out.

All in all, this was a win. Glad to be back home, looking forward to the cruise in 10 days!

How we did at Learning 2007

Exercising – Did 45 minutes of water fitness each day here and usually walked the 3/4 of the mile around the lake before hand. Yesterday, I walked just under three miles in the morning and we did our usual water workout in the evening.

Eating – Did our shakes and bars for breakfast each day. Split entrees for dinner most evenings. The lunches provided yesterday and Monday made it easy to stay “good”. Of course, there were some splurges during the trip, but nothing over the top.

Seeing what the scale says tomorrow should be really interesting…


Space Shuttle Launch Video

We were a long ways away — more than 60 miles — but I can finally say I’ve seen a shuttle launch. Just before I got the camera turned on we could see flames, but they’re not visible in this video. Maybe we saw the booster separation? In any event, it was cool.

This video is silent.


Do you get the feeling I’m enjoying having this camera?

UPDATE: I’ve replaced the original with a zoomed-in version that shows the launch a little more clearly. About a 10 second job in iMovie ’08.

Old news (Last weigh-in info) and New News

I just realized that, because of the crazy week we had, I never posted our weigh-in information from our most recent weigh-in.

Official Weight (after fifteen weeks): 246.8 lb – loss of 34.2 pounds
Home Scale (after fifteen weeks): 244.6 lb – loss of 33.4 pounds

Official Weight (after fifteen weeks): 376.0 lb – loss of 57.0 pounds
Home Scale (after fifteen weeks): 374.0 lb – loss of 51.0 pounds

WDW UPDATE – We’ve been really good about getting up early and exercising each morning. We start with a .75 mile walk around the lake and then do 30 to 45 minutes of water fitness in the quiet pool near our room. We’re doing shakes for our breakfast and then choosing wisely at lunch and dinner. Today was grilled chicken tacos so that was easy. We have reservations for the Rain Forest Cafe tonight and will probably split one of their China Island Chicken Salads.


South of the Border, Down Mexico Way…

This is the revamped Mexico ride at Epcot. It was a test of the Puredigital Technologies Flip Video Ultra that I’m so totally blown away by. This is not the raw video; it’s a 320×240 re-encode, but take my word for it: the raw video looks good.