And now… a non-commerical message

So Tom and I have been having a pajama Saturday today and we’re catching up with the shows we have on our TiVo. President Clinton was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann this week and he mentioned an organization called that does microfinancing with small businesses around the world. We in the more affluent countries of the world can help another citizen of the world for as little as $25. That’s less than an entree and adult beverage at most franchised restaurants.

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Saturday musings

There is nothing like a Saturday morning to re-charge your batteries. Though, instead of watching cartoons, now we watch what the TiVo recorded for us during the week. Saturday is also now the day we don’t work out. It’s the old “you have to let your body rest and recover” day. We’ve been really good on the diet this week, though we did have Indian food last night (Yum!). I’m really hoping to officially get below 250 pounds at the next weigh-in. It’s looking good so far…

Official Weight (after twelve weeks): 252.6 lb – loss of 28.4 pounds
Home Scale (after twelve weeks and three days): 247.2 lb – loss of 30.8 pounds


P.S. Go Cubs!

Week Twelve

Well, despite Oktoberfest, we both managed to lose exactly one pound this week. I guess the exercise is truly paying off. I did actually see 249 on my home scale yesterday morning, but going out for lunch and dinner yesterday made that disappear. We’re hanging in with all this, even though neither of us jumped out of bed this morning. We’ve made a good start, but we still have a long way to go. Thank God we found a type of exercise we like. Sometimes, I think that’s the only thing getting us through. Well, besides each other of course!

Official Weight (after twelve weeks): 252.6 lb – loss of 28.4 pounds
Home Scale (after twelve weeks): 250.8 lb – loss of 27.2 pounds


What a drag it is getting old…

We’re back home now and we had a great time at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati! In fact, we were both moving a little slow this morning (hence the Rolling Stones line in the title). The Belvedere Club at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland has an amazing balcony that wraps around the west end of the building. Both Friday and Saturday nights ended with nightcaps at our favorite table. We’re not sure how much damage we did to the diet yet, but we’re right back on the shakes today and back to the pool tomorrow. And we think staying downtown for Oktoberfest is a new tradition for us!

On the downside, my cold that’s festering for a few days now is now full blown. Cold medicine is helping and I’m having soup for dinner. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


I can’t compete with a chicken in lederhosen…

…and I’m not going to even try. But there is some news. Potentially bad news, but it all turned out OK.

I picked up some shoes (OK, Crocs) in the living room and put them back to where they belong. I didn’t notice that my wedding ring slipped off and fell into one of them. We were halfway to the “Y” for a workout when I noticed it was gone. (I’ll backtrack a little: I took today off because I have to work next Saturday. Ironically, I’ll be working a conference at the very same hotel I’m in right now. Anyway, I took the day off and Carla came home at noon or so and she suggested that I sleep in and we hit the pool when adults-only time hit at 1PM).

So anyway, we come racing home to look for it and we tear the place apart. It’s only when I start backtracking on every little thing I did that I found the thing.

I’ve lost enough weight that the ring won’t stay on my finger. So for the next several months I’ll not be wearing it because I couldn’t bear to lose it. When I think I’m done, I’ll get it resized.

We never made it to the pool. Too stressed out. But in the end, it was all good.

It’s Oktoberfest in Zinzinnati!

It’s that time of year again… when everyone in Cincinnati feels a little bit of German heritage and drinks beer while eating goetta & doing the chicken dance… It’s Oktoberfest Zinzinnati weekend!

Chicken Dance

Tom and I have been coming to this since before we were married. We even have 1/2 liter ceramic steins from every year we’ve attended. This year is a bit different. We got notification that Tom needed a stay at a Hilton family hotel by October 1st or he would lose his big pile of HHonors Points. But where to stay? How about the Art Deco wonder (built in 1931) that is the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland?

So here we are for the weekend. The official festivities don’t start until Saturday at 10:30 am, but we had fun walking around the barricaded off streets of downtown Cincinnati and watching the setup begin. It also let us visit our favorite Rock Bottom Brewery, which endures despite the constant construction and changes to their entrance for the last 18 months or so. We enjoyed the Rocktoberfest beer and split one of the special Oktoberfest entree. We’re enjoying ourselves, but still being “good”.

More tomorrow on Oktoberfest festivities!

Official Weight (after eleven weeks): 253.6 lb – loss of 27.4 pounds
Home Scale (after eleven weeks and two days): 250.0 lb – loss of 28.0 pounds


P.S. We just enjoyed drinks on the balcony of the Belvedere Club. Amazing… More reasons to keep Tom’s HHonors account active…